Welcome to Snow Ploughing and Clearance

Possibility of severe snow to hit Yorkshire from late October onwards.

 DO  NOT PUT YOURSELF AT RISK, call the experts to clear the way for you. 

Commercial, Car Parks, Roads, Driveways, Paths, Bridges, Streets.

Byass Plant offer full Snow Ploughing Service:

  • Clearing the snow away from where you require
  • Moving the snow into banks or fully removing it 

Gritting Services

  • Grit and Salt spreading service
  • Grit and Salt can be supplied and delivered
  • Quantity available on request




Snow Ploughing will move the snow from the designated area and is normally pushed in to banks at roadsides etc. This is an efficient and effective way to manage snow.


If snow continues to fall again or freeze, the banks can become hard, difficult to move and dangerous.They  leave a mess, if not split areas of road surfaces, leaving nasty dangerous potholes causing bad falls and ruining cars suspension and tyres.

Byass Plant will therefore remove the snow to leave the area completely clear.

Advantages of snow removal:

  • Safer for public and homes
  • No risk of damage to road surfaces
  • Minimise car damage and expensive repairs
  • More appealing for businesses if customers can  come and go safely
  • No sludge, mess or flooding after melting