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Individual or combined services.

Byass Plant can take you through clearing to digging to building and landscaping your site..
Start to Finish, we take care of everything.

Site Clearance-Building or Undergrowth.
  • Any Area, any size
  • Byass Plant remove all debris
  • Offer Wast Removal Service
  • Capability to clear dense undergrowth
  • Offer chipper service to reuse existing materials and re-lay


Scrape and Level Sites

  • State of the art laser equipment to level sites to precise requirements
  • Create access, roads and car parks for welfare, private and communal facilities
  • lay and compact aggregates
  • Site preparation in installing and moving services or capping for future connections








 Byass Plant are renound for their accuracy,experience and attention to detail. We know the importance of getting it right and use high tech lasers to ensure we are precise to millimetres. Having dealt with hundreds of excavation jobs,we believe we are very much a market leader in the service we offer and the reason why we are so popular. Once the foundations are dug, we continue the support and offer assistance at any point we can, there is always a guarantee with our work so relax and let us do what we do best.

Excavation for buildings to be built on for generally either:

Strip foundations are used to support a line of loads, either due to a load-bearing wall, or if a line of columns need supporting where column positions are so close that individual pad foundations would be inappropriate.

Housing and Industrial Buildings



Byass Plant offer the complete building service package from start to finish.

Foundations through to building to drainage to testing. We have a great respect and work alongside all authoritive bodies and pride ourselves on a fantastic working relationship to simply get the task completed as efficiently and stress free as possible.





Flat concreting and steel works integrating piling if or where necessary

Raft foundations are used to spread the load from a structure over a large area. They are used when column loads or other structural loads are close together.

A raft foundation normally consists of a concrete slab which extends over the entire loaded area. It may be stiffened by ribs or beams incorporated into the foundation.

Raft foundations are often needed on soft or loose soils with low bearing capacity as they can spread the loads over a larger area.


Pad foundations are used to support an individual point load such as that due to a structural column.
Can be: 




Consist of:

  • Block or slab of uniform thickness,
  • Stepped or haunched if they are required to spread the load from a heavy column. 

Both Deep and Shallow Pad Foundations can be used. 








 Example of a site after being excavated and levelled

Diagram to show how a strip footing works

Picture of a house we are currently building using Strip Footings.


Below the diagram illustrates all types of foundations offered by Byass Plant. 


 Byass Plant offer full services to build for you, complete with all our own equipment, fully qualified to use.