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Very experienced,  always maintaining a safe, well managed environment to leave the area to your specific requirements.


Demolition Explained:
The Tearing down of buildings and other structures.
The demoition process depends competely on the type of structure.
Small buildings for examples 2 or 3 stories are a fairly simple process.

Types of Demolition:

Manually: use of labour tools.

Mechanically: incorporating the use of hydraulic equipment: excavators, bulldozers with the possibility of elevated work platforms.

Larger buildings may require a wrecking ball, very effective against masonry. 
Newer methods inlude rotational hydraulic sheers, silenced rock breakers:capable of cutting through; wood, steel and concrete. This is more a safer option to flame cutting.



Byass Plant have unrivalled expertise in demoition of air raid shelters and many other buildings.

Such a complicated area, every job is assessed for safety and the most practical and efficient way to demolish the structure.

 Concrete, Steel, Temporary structures catered for

Byass Plant will remove all debris.